Meet Pure SPC: The New Material that’s Even Better than LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has been the go-to affordable and durable flooring material on the market, but now… there’s a new kid in town, and his name is Stone Plastic Composite (Pure SPC).

Marking a New Decade: 2020 Interior Design Trends

A new decade signals the flow of fresh perspective and daring ideas across all industries and popular culture– including interior design. In 2020, homeowners will start moving towards muted colors, modern twists on retro designs and lots of bold statement pieces. Our designers discuss styles that we’ll be seeing more of next year and throughout […]

Purchasing a New Bathtub? Here’s What to Look For

We understand that choosing a new bathtub can feel daunting– a lot of homeowners wonder, “Where on Earth do I begin?!” There’s several styles, colors and materials to choose from, and many that will be the perfect addition to your bathroom. We discuss a few guidelines to consider while planning your home improvement project. Get […]

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Choosing a Flooring Material

The flooring we choose for our home has the power to transform the functionality and aesthetic from the ground up (no pun intended)! At Luxe Home, we’re often asked about different materials and how to choose the right one to suit our households’ varying lifestyles. On the blog, we discuss some fantastic options to create […]

3 Vibrant Ways to Incorporate the 2019 Color of the Year in Your Home

PANTONE® recently made a highly-anticipated announcement that the 2019 Color of the Year is “Living Coral”; also known as 16-1546. This particular hue carries a cheerful buzz in its warm, peachy personality and energetic golden undertones. We at Luxe Home are excited to see “Living Coral” make a splash in a multitude of different ways […]

Metal Finish Options: The Essential Differences

Selecting the metal finish for plumbing and hardware products should be an easy final step at the end of a remodeling project, right? Not so much. In fact, this decision often leaves many homeowners scratching their heads. We named some of the most popular finish options on the market and compared them to iron out […]

How to Choose the Right Hardware Accessories

At Luxe Home, we believe that hardware accessories to a home are like jewelry to an outfit – they add that extra sparkle and pizazz. Still, the decision to revamp a dresser or kitchen cabinetry can feel daunting with the multitude of finishes and styles to choose from. We put together a guide to help […]

5 Envy-Worthy Luxury Bathroom Additions

When it comes to bathrooms, our goal is often to create a dreamy haven in which to luxuriate and relax. Many homeowners come to us with wishlists and ideas for their bathroom improvement projects and over the years we’ve found a handful of tried-and-true luxury products we adore and recommend. You didn’t know you needed […]

How a New Tile Pattern Can Transform Your Space

Implementing new tile into your home improvement project is one of the easiest ways to create an entirely new ambiance. Tile can visually alter the structure of a room, give the illusion of a brighter and larger space, and provide a brilliant focal point. At Luxe Home, we understand that choosing a new tile option […]

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Countertop Materials

(Photo above: Neolith sintered surfaces, carried in our showroom. Sintered surfaces are manufactured by combining materials from various types of natural stone.) With improving manufacturing technologies and evolving trends, more and more homeowners have been swapping out their old countertops for something fresh. Today’s options for countertop materials are becoming easier to clean, more affordable […]